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Blade Movie Daywalker Sword and Scabbard Combo

Sword of the Daywalker and Tactical Scabbard from the Blade Movie Trilogy
Marvel, Blade and Related Characters (c) 2000 Marvel Characters, Inc.

Blade Movie Swords

Blade Sword Combo

Sword of the Daywalker and Tactical Scabbard Combo
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Sword of the Daywalker
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Blade Movie SwordsSword of the Daywalker as seen in the Blade Movies. All the power of an immortal in your hand. The infamous Sword of the Day Walker. As seen in all of the "Blade" movies. Blade's Swords are 35 1/4" overall. It has a 26 1/8" polished stainless steel double beveled edged blade. Zinc handle with a silver and black coating, giving it the same finish as the movie version. Black enameled wood display stand with a logo medallion. Marvel, Blade and all related characters - (c) 2000 Marvel characters, Inc. Seen elsewhere: $227.95. Combo includes Tactical Scabbard. Officially licensed replicas from the Blade Movies.

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